Web Services Framework for Wireless Sensor Networks

The recent proliferation of machine-to-machine service-oriented computing and the emergence of cloud computing platforms and services provides promising new capabilities for wireless sensor networks. A Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) by itself is heavily constrained to low-power usage resulting in low compute and storage capacity. Also, there are problems with aggregating sensor data from multiple WSN deployments for the purposes of creating and sharing sensor data in “big data” form and for sensor data fusion algorithm development. Researchers working on applications that require sensor data for modeling and prediction can simulate that data but testing their models against real-world sensor data and deploying their applications on real-time sensor data streams are repeating challenges. In this paper, we propose a web service framework that addresses and overcomes many of these common problems for users of WSNs. We describe the architecture of the framework and the REpresentational State Transfer (REST) Appliction Program Interface (API) for accessing framework resources. The results from our initial implementation demonstrated the framework operation over a continuous 175 hour data collection window and successfully presented statistics of processed streaming weather sensor data averaged over this entire data record.